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there’s a storm coming, mister wayne.

nolanverse selina kyle. major comic / game influences,plots,  and adaptive capability.  indie, panfandom, andoc-friendly.   •    est. january 2012.    •     #callmeselina.
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there’s a storm coming, mister wayne.

nolanverse selina kyle. major comic / game influences,
plots,  and adaptive capability.  indie, panfandom, and
oc-friendly.   •    est. january 2012.    •     #callmeselina.

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     ”— Darling dearest, It’s been a while hasn’t it?”

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whatever I am, I’m yours.

Like for a starter or something


Former associates, Ms Lynd. I doubt
they would keep me in their ranks
considering I’m the reason they were

Q’s fingers tapped at his side - a
nervous tic he was meaning to get
rid of.

"I’m the Quartermaster, but you
probably knew that already. You
can have information on my current
cover, and the identity I took on in
the States, but anything before that
is… immaterial.”

A curious brow rose toward him 
and Vesper tried not to mind the 
fact that most everything about the 
Quartermaster’s identity was secret. 
Everyone had secrets and she was 
not one to pry.

"Fair enough. Is there anything else 
you really need? Besides the intel 
on them?” 

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Whoops. I’ve been neglecting vesper again. I’m sorry. Things will be done as soon as I get off of work



"Talking to someone isn’t a crime, Ms

Vesper. And it’s hardly as if I want you
to commit a felony.”

Q was nearly tempted to change the
subject - continue to leave things
ambiguous and undecided. Of course,
forgetting about something until it went
away was not the most efficient of

"A number of former associates are
being released from prison in the U.S.
I just need to know… what they’re doing
and if they have any information on me.”

He was right. Talking to someone wasn’t
a crime. However, Vesper was sure that
his superiors and a couple of agents wouldn’t
be too happy if they found that she was
actually alive.

"You’ve got other associates? Well, let’s start
off with basics if you want my help. I need to know
who you are. Going off of boy or Sherlock probably
won’t help me get intel for you.”

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"I am. What do you want?"

"What do I want? This is not a matter of
what I want rather than my employer.
Then again, I never trusted the idea of 
employing a robot…but MI6 has an odd way
of going about things.”

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Intensely wants to rp with your character but doesn’t know how to approach.

Breathes on your shoulder.

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