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     ❝Is that today’s paper?
        Could I see the sports

(She looked over at him and rose a brow
letting a small shrug roll off of her shoulders)

—“Why not? I’m sure you can
tell that I’m not too concerned
with such things.”

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i-amthemoney said: "You're warm."


Send "you're warm" to see my muse's reaction to yours randomly cuddling up to them.

—“We should really get another bed-
     this is getting somewhat awkward.”

— “says you, darling. I, however, am quite
comfortable. By saying it’s awkward, you’re
making it awkward. You shouldn’t be feeling
that way especially with the person that’s one 
of your closest and only friends.” 

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flawedlouise said: How could I forget about you? Are you well?

As well as one can get when in exile. And you dearest? I’m sure you’ve been keeping busy

Losing followers left and right. Ooookay!

flawedlouise said: Been a while, Miss Lynd...

It has hasn’t it darling, I thought you had forgotten about me.

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Sheryl and The Woman

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Oops I got back into j dramas.


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