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  Hallucinations weren’t that common for James. As knocked up in the head Skyfall and beyond had made him, hallucinations were something he prided himself for not having. To him, it meant  that at the very least, there was a small part of him that was grounded in reality.

   But to have Vesper in front of him, talking to him, smiling at him. What else could it have been? He had seen her die. With his own pair of eyes, he had seen the life fade away from her. What else could this be but a cruel trick to his mind? Perhaps he deserved it. But he had made peace, he had mov—….

     Not really. Not quite, and not ever. Vesper had always been just out of sight. A hint of her everywhere he went, even after all these years.

       “—- It seems I’m not the biggest surprise. You’re dead. I’m dreaming.”

              {♛}            Shocked? Awestruck? Vesper wasn’t really surprised by James’s reaction to her. Yes, she was supposed to be dead. But she wasn’t thanks to advanced technology and the need for a woman who knew exactly what she was doing when playing with numbers in order to have another woman in a man’s game. She wasn’t really happy with the result due to the fact that she was still living and she did have to live with the fact that she committed treason. But she attempted to not let it bother her too much.

"Are you dreaming though, Mr. Bond?" Her mannerisms seemed distant though they had been close so long ago. A delicate hand reached out to grab his wrist and place his hand against her heart, "See, alive an well I may be cold-blooded, but I am very much alive." She then let his hand fall to his side on it’s own. 

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     ”Mhmm…” James hummed in response. “What kind of clients have you had? If you don’t mind me asking.” He asked curiously.

     He kept his expression impassive when she asked the question. Oh how he disliked talking about himself, but he knew it wouldn’t be fair. It didn’t matter, life wasn’t fair though. He would answer the question anyway, whether to be honest or not was the decision to make. “I usually help officials with whatever task they require, whether it be legal or not.” He admitted. Of course he did help normal people too and what he did was always illegal, but this was a more interesting answer. 

              {♛}            Her brows raised at his question and she hummed whilst in thought. She didn’t exactly want to say that most of her clients were for the most part criminals. Prior to his death, Raoul SIlva had been one of those infamous clients. Though these thoughts ran through her head, she did not give away the fact that she was stressing over them. She answered in a confident, cool way. 

"Ah, it’s mostly the characters I meet along the way. Their personalities are interesting. I work freelance, so I take whatever job I can get." Taking whatever job she could get was usually involved doing illegal things for dangerous people, but… she would let James come to his own conclusions of what her statement meant.

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Quantum Era | Pre-Casino Royale

By age twenty-one Vesper was a well-to-do woman. Having graduated Cambridge with some of the highest honors in accounting and financing, multiple employers wanted to hire her on spot for her to do book keeping and investment banking for them. However, instead of immediately going into the work force, she decided to vacation on an island off the coast of Italy prior to immersing herself into the world of finance. Things went awry whilst she was sailing in the Mediterranean with friends and the ship was hijacked by pirates. Once on the mainland, they were sold in the black market. Unfortunately, her friends did not fare as well as she did, because Vesper had her intelligence and talent in reading the algorithms of the stock trade and was able to manipulate stocks and work the system of investment banking, the organization Quantum decided to make her one of their own to utilize her for that among other things. 

Once working for Quantum and eventually impressing those who were higher up than her, Vesper was chosen to be Mr.White’s right hand woman. She did the book keeping for the organization and managed their accounts. Not only did she do that, she was forced to be Mr.White’s sex slave. Though on many occasions she was treated roughly and she was almost to the point of crying, she never let a tear fall from her eyes. At least not in front of the men, and especially not in front of Mr.White. He would constantly remind her that he saved her from the terrible fate she would have otherwise faced if she hadn’t been bought by Quantum. He would try to guilt her into submission so that he could do what he pleased with her. This continued on for two and a half years. That was until the blonde Spaniard had come to save her. 

"You’re Mine." The Blonde Spaniard | Pre-casino Royale: Raoul SIlva*

When recruiting a much needed computer hacker, the blonde spaniard was in the line up to be interviewed. She caught his eye more than he caught hers, but it wasn’t until after that particular interview and after Mr.White (the old man) brutally fucked her up the ass that she realized that she needed an out. The blonde spaniard, Silva, was the one that provided her with her way out. He equipped her with arsenic to pour into his daily bourbon before SIlva had gone in to accept the offer.

As Silva went into his meeting with Mr.White, that was when Vesper made her escape with SIlva’s close associate, The Romanian. Silva made so many pretty promises to her and bought her lavish things. For the first year of her freedom, Silva was away taking care of family matters whilst Vesper stayed and waited for him. Eventually he came back and they had a joyous reunion. Some may say that she might have actually fallen in love with him for all the things he had done for her. He even went as far as dyeing her hair blonde so that Vesper would be more to his tastes. Silva treated Vesper so well, he also utilized her talents for developing his own criminal organization. 

Vesper again, was a right hand woman doing book keeping and investment banking. However, she didn’t have to do as much because Silva was already so capable. Though she had her “freedom”, Vesper was tired of living like this. She had been living the same way since she was twenty-one and she couldn’t take it anymore. The accountant was twenty-five by the time she managed to escape from Silva unscathed with the help of the Romanian who met his demise after helping her. 

Algerian Love-Knots and Martinis, The ‘Death’ in Venice |Casino Royale time

Vesper had her hair dyed back to the deep brunette colour it once was and she returned to England. She managed to get a job with Her Majesty’s Treasury upon arrival due to her previous experience in finance and where she graduated, therefore,  she started doing work there. Not long after, she was recruited by MI6 for the mission in Montenegro to escort 007 on his endeavors. The rest was history. 

Here lies Vesper Lynd Manipulator and One who Committed Treason | post-casino royale

(in the six years pre/during skyfall)

Phantoms now Flesh and Bone 

(Post skyfall, meeting Maximillian Zorin, running into Raoul Silva once again) 

*the thread with Silvaisabadboy has not been finished, this is an assumed ending. She does get out alive from Silva’s organization but I’m not quite sure how yet. 

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     James was slightly glad she didn’t ask further, he wasn’t one who enjoyed talking about himself too much. Sure he can sound conceited when he does, but he preferred to keep off the topic of him. For several reasons of course.

     He nodded at her words, taking another sip of his tea. “Mhmm, doesn’t it get boring?” He asked curiously. He’d rather die then have some mundane job. Reasons why he ran a criminal empire, it was much more entertaining after all.

              {♛}            Vepser looked up from her tea cup and shrugged. “Not really. I’ve got some interesting clients. The clients and business trips I take are what makes the job interesting.” From siphoning money from various country accounts on behalf of criminal organizations on to off-shore accounts and playing the stocks to fund them as well, being an accountant wasn’t a bad job. The factors she had to play with was what made her job that much more exciting. It was on very rare occasion that she’d have to get her hands dirty, but if she did have to do so it was just more incentive.

The Frenchwoman took a sip of her tea, it wasn’t that much of a big deal. At least not to her.  ”You run an organization, so I’m assuming you’re an entrepreneur. What is your business in?” Now she was genuinely interested. She wanted to see how he’d react since she avoided asking at first.

try getting a reservation at Dorsia now, you fucking stupid bastard. you, fucking bastard.

try getting a reservation at Dorsia now,
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I’m not saying I would do it, I’m just contemplating the method. Honestly I don’t tend to have dead snakes easily accessible so… that would complicate matters.

              {♛}           ”Why not just have the snakes do all the work when they’re alive? Therefore, the victim’s blood technically wouldn’t be on your hands. It would just be an unfortunate event that happened for said victim. Going through the trouble of having to kill the poor animal then using it to choke someone is all too much work, darling.”